Universal Paddle Saddle with Breathable Mesh Fabric

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Saddle Paddle Gel Pad with Breathable Mesh Fabric

The Skwoosh Paddle Saddle is a lightweight gel pad that relieves pressure for greater comfort in any paddling activity from kayak fishing to competitive rowing. Designed with a removable strap, this allows the boater to secure the pad onto a canoe bench or row seat, or remove the strap entirely for use in molded kayak seats. Waterproof, needs no maintenance and is MADE in USA.


  • Weight: 13 oz.
  • Dimensions: 16"W x 10"L x 1"H
  • Cushioning - Pressure relieving fluidized gel cradles the "sitz" bones
  • Breathable - Mesh Fabric Cover
  • Non-skid Bottom - Stays put, no glue or tape required
  • Removable - Quick release strap for bench seats
  • Tie-Down Loop - for molded seats
  • Low Profile - Maintains center of gravity for better stability
  • Portable - Lightweight, compact, folds for storage
  • Waterproof- Floats, never soggy, and won't mold
  • No Maintenance - Washable and function in all temperatures
  • Made in USA - Guaranteed workmanship and performance




SKWOOSH™ pads need NO MAINTENANCE – PERIOD! There is NO need for cleaners or waterproofing sprays. Remove stains with a soft sponge and detergent or just hose off. Shake and air dry. There is no cover to remove, no cover to wash and no cover to dry.

For best results, smooth your SKWOOSH™ before each use.