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Skwoosh Sheepskin Gel Pads - Lightweight, Cool, Plush and Comfortable

N. ANDOVER, MA. USA, July 14, 2015

Plush sheepskin wool and fluidized gel in SKWOOSH™ pads relieve pressure, dampen vibrations and keep riders comfortable regardless of weather.

The wool fiber in the natural sheepskin gel pad is soft, plush and resilient. It’s nature’s thermostat so it’s comfortable in any weather. SKWOOSH™ gel relieves pressure and dampens vibration for a smoother ride. SKWOOSH™ comes in three sizes. The XL Touring model is 16½” wide, 12½” long and tapers to 9½” fits most touring bikes; the Mid-Size is 13” wide, 11” long and tapers to 8” in the front and fits passenger seats, metrics and sport bikes; and the classic passenger pillion is 8¾” wide and 11” long.

SKWOOSH™ gel pads fit every budget and are priced from $49.99 to $114.99. They are available around the world at bike shops, parts stores, on the web and through catalogue distributors. Visit us online at for the latest in gel cushions for watersports, motorcycle, auto/truck, travel convenience, wellness and stadium comfort.

SKWOOSH™ is a USA manufacturer and a leader in medically proven, lightweight gel applications that relieve pressure, maintain circulation and reduce spinal compression. For information, catalogs and specifications visit; email; or call Katie Myers at 978-689-0500 Ext.26

SKWOOSH™ gel is covered by one or more US Patents.

Pro Riders Marketing is Pleased to Announce the Addition of the SKWOOSH Brand to the PRM Family. May 2103

Each SKWOOSH™ motorcycle gel seat is designed and built with wide fit latitude so it can deliver comfort and performance for many different styles, sizes and shapes of motorcycle seats. It is not necessary that top seat pads and cushions fit your bike seat exactly. With SKWOOSH™ construction, the cushion is free to “drape” the contours of your seat allowing for better fit while gel packs maintain cushion stability and deliver comfort performance regardless of the attitude of your bike. For added performance and comfort, all SKWOOSH™ fluidized gel seats feature a breathable Air-Flo3D top fabric for cool riding comfort, a hi tech non-skid bottom material that stays put all day, individual suspension gel packs for super control and vibration dampening and easy attaching Snap Straps. SKWOOSH™ conforms to your “riding shape” in less than 30 minutes and always remember that it is the pressure-relieving gel packs, placed directly under your “sitz” bones, which provide the comfort and aid in absorbing vibration. Make sure that the SKWOOSH™ you choose is large enough to cover the area where your butt meets the seat. With SKWOOSH™, there is no critical air inflation pressure to worry about, no height to adjust, no bulk to contend with and you don’t have to play around with Velcro®, buckles or clips – just sit, enjoy and ride in comfort. All distributors and high volume retailers, please contact Joe Distefano at or call 319-389-0798 for details on how to obtain access to this great product. All other inquiries, please contact or call 978-689-0500 with dealer and retail inquiries.

SKWOOSH™, Introduces the New Master AGP Row Pad, the Most Advanced Pressure Relieving Gel Pad for Rowers

August 20, 2009

Skwoosh, a material design and development company in the Boston area, has recently unveiled The MASTER AGP Row Pad, an advanced, pressure relieving gel row pad, designed specifically for serious rowers. Skwoosh has added their exclusive AGP Technology to its successful Gel Row Pad. The AGP gel packs are welded directly, under the iscchial tuberosity, aka "sitz" bones located at the lowest part of the pelvis, which bears the weight of the body when sitting.

Using a Master AGP Row Pad helps maintain circulation and prevent numbness and discomfort in the legs and lower back, regardless of the amount of time spent rowing. This lightweight, low profile cushion fits a standard row seat and is waterproof.

I-Tek, Inc. is a material design and development company that applies its patented TekPad lightweight gel to commercial applications. I-Tek's Skwoosh Performance Comfort Products division was started in 1999 to bring TekPad technology to the outdoor and back comfort markets. New product development focus on markets in which comfort, cushioning and pressure relief are essential to performance.

Both The MASTER and the Gel Row Pad are available at specialty row shops and on line I-Net stores. Contact for the name and address of a SKWOOSH dealer.

I-Tek, Inc. and SKWOOSH Performance Cushions Receive North Shore Arc Heritage Business and Community Award June 9, 2009

I-Tek Inc. and Skwoosh Performance Cushions were recognized for making a difference in the lives of the developmentally disabled by the North Shore Arc of Massachusetts.

North Shore Arc, an organization dedicated to providing lifelong and individualized support to the developmentally disabled and their families, recognized I-Tek, Inc and Skwoosh Performance Cushions at their 55th Annual Breakfast Meeting and Awards Ceremony on Sunday, June 7th at the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, Massachusetts. The North Shore Arc Heritage Business and Community Award bestows recognition on businesses that make a difference in the lives of the developmentally disabled.

I-Tek Inc. is a material design and development company focused on applying its patented TekPad light weight gel to commercial applications. I-Tek's Skwoosh Performance Comfort Products division was started in 1999 to bring TekPad technology to the outdoor and back comfort markets. New product development centers on serving markets in which comfort, cushioning and pressure relief are essential to performance.

SKWOOSH Announces New Pro Traveler

May 12, 2009

Skwoosh™, the Leader in Lightweight, Performance Gel Cushions, Announces New PRO Traveler Cushion

I-Tek Inc. announces the expansion of their line of Skwoosh performance cushions with the Pro Traveler Cushion. The Pro Traveler Cushion joins an extensive line of Skwoosh gel cushions including camping seats, stadium and bleacher seating, canoe and kayak cushions and the original Travel Cushion, a gel seat for airplane, bus, train, car and motorcycle travel.

Like the entire line of Skwoosh cushions, the Pro Traveler Cushion travel seat reduces pressure on the ischial tuberosity, aka the "sitz" bones located at the lowest part of the pelvis, and helps to maintain circulation and prevent numbness and discomfort in the legs and lower back. TekPad® Ultra-Lite gel, a temperature stable and non-toxic composite, gives Skwoosh cushions their unique ability to conform to the contours of the body and provide pressure relief. These characteristics make TekPad a mainstay in the durable medical equipment (DME) market, where it is used to treat and prevent bedsores in patients in wheelchairs, hospital beds, positioning devices and braces.

The Pro Traveler Cushion has an enhanced infrastructure that delivers even more stability in an even wider range of seats, including airplane seats, car seats and motorcycle seats. With new built-in handles, the Pro cushion truly achieves carry-on status and can be attached to a carry-on for even greater convenience. The Skwoosh Pro Traveler Cushion is incredibly thin and lightweight and is easily stowed in a roll-on bag, briefcase or tote bag.

For the month of May, Skwoosh is shipping both its Pro Travel Cushion and original Travel cushion free when an order is placed through its website (

I-Tek, Inc. is a material design and development company focused on applying its patented TekPad® lightweight gel to commercial applications. I-Tek's Skwoosh Performance Comfort Products division was started in 1999 to bring TekPad technology to the outdoor and back comfort markets. New product development centers on serving markets in which comfort, cushioning and pressure relief are essential to performance.

Review: Skwoosh Padded Seats

2008 |

We have found a company with comfort for everyone, especially those of us that like comfortable seating. Skwoosh has padded, gel seats for every occasion and activity. We received ones for canoeing, kayaking, padded backs, and stadium seating, but found multiple uses.

They were great for long rides in the car, in an airplane. They were especially appreciated as seat and back padding in a wheel chair by the 88 year old grandmother at a wedding weekend. Something like this makes a difference between surviving the experience and thoroughly enjoying it.

Comfort in a convenient package, perfect for sports, office or travel. Experience the cushioning of a larger, thicker, bulky cushion in a compact, convenient package about the size of a sheet of paper. With SKWOOSH you sit on high quality fabric NOT on cold hard plastic. Welded seams make SKWOOSH waterproof and absolutely maintenance free. TekPad gel cradles your "sitz" bones for ultimate comfort indoors or out, regardless of the weather! -- ...Fiftysense Product Review Panel


December 12, 2007

Have you ever suffered from what is currently referred to in the kayaking fraternity as Canoe arse? When your butt hurts from sitting down too long? Well now there is a product that will solve this problem. SKWOOSH is an innovative company that has designed cushions to specifically reduce the effects of that sore butt. SKWOOSH combines patented TekPad gel with engineered designs to create the best Performance Comfort products in the world. Whether it be canoeing, fishing, going to the footy or even travelling, SKWOOSH has a cushion that is right for you. To find out more about these fantastic products please visit their website Based in the USA, Ted and his team will be happy to assist you find that ultimate solution for any long-term seating. SKWOOSH would make a fantastic Christmas present so be quick to secure yours.

Atlantic Rowing Race 2007

October 10, 2007 |

The next Atlantic Ocean rowing race is scheduled to start on December 2nd 2007, once more departing from the lovely Island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands on route to the historic setting of English Harbour Antigua. A fleet of up to forty ocean rowing vessels will take part, attempting to row, unsupported, across the Atlantic Ocean a voyage of 2,500 miles.

From: La Gomera, The Canary Islands

To: English Harbour, Antigua

Departure Date: 2nd December 2007

Distance: 2,500 nautical miles

Crossing Time: between 35 and 110 days.

Class of Boats: Woodvale Pairs, Woodvale Fours, open classes.

It's that time already and we're rushing to get the finishing touches done....and a few more major items....

Have spent the past two weekends down in Hamble working on the boat, so many things to do and so little time now. Every time we're there we seem to find something else to add, adjust or to sit back and think about! Where should the fire blanket go, why do we need two fire extinguishers, two air vents and two's starting to feel like the Arc. After a couple of hours at the boat, you're stepping over tools and looking for bits and pieces among the debris on the deck, we could potentially be a bit neater but there's not a lot of room! We had the added fun of a broken jockey wheel on the trailer this weekend, causing some interesting adaptions in order to get the boat back out of the water, it's all good now but thanks for Jim and his family for helping out there. New jockey wheel ordered.

All this said, we're getting there thanks in part to the people that are helping us, Laura Christie spending as much time on the boat as we are, painting, fitting out our small cabin so it's cosy and using school facilities to make us little plaques! She's also great in the supermarket, never met anyone with such eagle eyes for food items ;-) Thanks also to Jim Cudd for the miracle of fresh water, fixing our water maker and being on hand to assist us, couldn't go anywhere without this! Hope the boys enjoyed the trip out on the boat at the weekend. Thanks also to Brett, giving my brother some time to get down to the boat, this is really helping and appreciate your understanding. We'll definitely bring you back something from Antigua, possibly a t-shirt without a V-neck.... We're still minus a liferaft and a bit short on the shipping costs so help and donations are still very much needed and appreciated! We also managed to try out some Skwoosh seat cushions at the weekend, Ted Brother and Annie Barber sent them over from the US, and they're working great so far. We've not used them for long periods of time but they certainly stopped some of the pain from the seats this weekend and we hope to have them for the race. Many thanks guys.

Next weekend: We'll be down to sort out our rations and finish the cabin fitting next week, doing a final check of what we need and getting on the internet to order! Will also get some pictures of all the food everywhere to give you an idea of how much we'll be taking!

Kanu Culture – Ocean Paddler's Lifestyle Magazine 2005

Some paddlers complain of having a butt the size of Brazil, but the upside of this is that they may never have felt the bones of the butt pushing into a hard, unforgiving seat. If on the other hand, your rear is more the size of a Brazil nut, from the moment you sit, the pressure is on. When such pressure reaches critical mass, it's all you can do to keep from crying. Ultimately, comfort is king and fine-tuning your canoe or kayak seat to suit, should be pursued with vigor.

Solutions have included closed-cell foam paddling and air filled cushions. Both have achieved improved levels of comfort and quality time on the water, but are not without limitation. Closed-cell foam, over time, loses any 'memory' as such, and as a consequence ends up a shadow of its former self, crushed and worthless. If insulation is important to you, this too is reduced as the foam compresses. UV rays, salt water and abrasion, inevitably result in a short and finite demise, requiring replacement; the subsequent removal of the foam is a sport in its own right.

On the face of it, air filled cushions may seem a hi-tech solution, butt sadly no. The air cushion needs to be substantial enough so you remain clear of the hard stuff underneath, tending to left you high off the seat, raising your centre of gravity, creating the feeling you're on a fairground ride, as you roll from cheek to cheek. If the cushion is too thin, pressure points will be affected. In colder climates, forget insulation – there isn't any.

I-Tek Inc. USA are in the Butt Comfort Business, manufacturing Skwoosh Paddling and Canoe Cushions providing, 'Medically proven pressure relief to all types of paddling enthusiasts. Relieving pressure on your legs and 'sitz' bones...' Skwoosh cushions use TekPad®, a lightweight viscous polymer gel which literally moulds itself to the paddler's rear end as a consequence of weight being transferred to the seat. The stable viscous gel supports critical pressure points. The gel is also an efficient insulator improving comfort, whether paddling in cold or warm climes, wearing board shorts or neoprene.

We tried three models, the Paddling Cushion, X-Treme Paddling Cushion and Row Pad. Each is designed to suit differing bodyweights and sizes, as well as paddle craft types. The Row Pad is small enough to be used in a rowing skull or similar. Would one of these designs protect a paddle boarder's knees? We will pursue this thought.

The Paddling Cushion is a substantial bit of kit and at a full 1" thickness x 16" wide x 13" it will handle a considerable rear end and provides serious comfort levels in a touring kayak or team outrigger canoe. Its width provides protection to the thighs from chaffing against the hull. Skwoosh's identical Canoe Cushion includes dual nylon straps and clips to secure to the seat – ideal for team outrigger canoes.

The X-Treme Paddling Cushion at " thickness x 15" wide x 10" proved most versatile. Suiting our OC1, OC6, surf ski, sit on top and touring kayak. Even after two hours on my OC1, it was all good. You can feel yourself 'settling' into the gel as it forms itself to your shape, enhancing a secure feeling.

The Rowing Pad at 1/3" thickness x 12" x 8", the smallest model, is designed for rowboats and dragon boats. Used in our OC1 and OC6 we found it comfortable, even if not as lush in feel as the X-Treme; nevertheless a big improvement.

Each cushion is covered in hard wearing waterproof low friction denier and non-slip undersides so as there was not issue with 'creep'. While each cushion floats, for use on OC1/OC2 and Surf Skis ensuring the seat is attached would be advisable, as a high-speed fall could result in its loss. The quality and finish of each is top shelf. Before use, simply squish the gel flat.

I-Tek Pushin' New Cushion Technology Outfitter, July 1999

Peabody, Mass. - TekPad, a new impact and shock-absorbing technology, has been introduced to the international sporting goods and outdoor markets. Originally developed in Germany for use in ski boots and personal equipment, the world rights to manufacture, develop and market the TekPad compound was recently purchased by I-Tek, Inc.

The TekPad system packs a polymer into a flexible cell that resembles a box filled with millions of inflated microscopic balloons. These air-filled balloons absorb the energy of impacts by compressing and changing shape. Once the shock is dampened, the mini-balloons regain their original shape. In the end, TekPad absorbs the energy instead of pushing it back to the user.

According to sources at I-Tek, the TekPad compound is lightweight and offers 56 percent better impact protection than a comparable thickness of foam. The product retains flexibility and consistency throughout a wide range of temperatures, eliminating hardening problems in cold temperatures. Unlike liquid, gases and gels. TekPad is semi-solid resulting in a safe, clean system should the cell be punctured. TekPad is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

For manufacturers interested in incorporating TekPad, I-Tek will provide marketing and technical support to its exclusive branded partners to ensure the product performs in the field as well as at retail.