Mid Size Sheepskin Pad

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Mid Size Sheepskin Pad

The Mid-Size with Natural Sheepskin and fluidized SKWOOSH™ gel is the ultimate combination in comfort regardless of weather conditions. Wool fiber is the natural way to add air circulation, temperature control and comfort for long or short rides. SKWOOSH™ fluidized gel relieves pressure for better circulation and relief from discomfort. The Gel Pad insert features tailbone relief and fluidized gel packs for comfort and vibration dampening. The Mid-Size is 13” RW, 11” L and tapers to 8” FW. It fits most street bikes, metrics and cruisers and is great for larger passenger seats. An easy to install snap on safety strap is included. The Mid-Size sheepskin gel pad needs NO air pump, NO height adjustment and NO maintenance. Just enjoy your ride in plush comfort. The gel insert is MADE IN USA for guaranteed workmanship and performance.


  • Weight: 15 oz.
  • Dimensions: 13"W x 11"L x 2"H.  Tapers to 8"W Front
  • Natural sheepskin wool - keeps the surface cool
  • Tailbone relief - Internal module design reduces spinal compression
  • Comfortable - Fluidized gel prevents numbness and discomfort
  • Non-Skid Bottom - Anchors cushion to seat
  • Easy Installation - Cruising SNAP STRAP included with cushion
  • Internal Insert - MADE IN USA
  • Sheepskin Cover - Imported
  • Guaranteed workmanship and performance




Natural sheepskin is easy to maintain and is naturally waterproof. If it gets wet just shake to remove excess water and allow to air dry. It is normal for sheepskin wool to mat after extended use. This is cosmetic and does not affect the properties of the natural wool fibers. To restore your sheepskin to its original appearance simply shake and comb with a soft brush.

For best results, smooth your SKWOOSH™ before each use.