Inflatable Leg & Knee Elevation Pillow

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SKWOOSH Inflatable Leg & Knee Elevation Pillow

For ankle, knee and leg support - Use for post-surgery recovery

  • Superior Leg Elevation: Our inflatable leg cushion is specifically designed to provide optimal leg elevation, making it an essential aid for post-surgery recovery after knee and ankle procedures. Elevating your leg helps reduce swelling, promotes better blood circulation, and accelerates healing.
  • Perfect Size and Height: With a generous length of 33" and a gentle rise of up to 10.5", our leg cushion offers the ideal dimensions for effective leg elevation without causing the knee to bend. Suitable for users of all heights, from tall to short.

  • Adjustable and Customizable: With its easy-to-use inflation and deflation mechanism, our leg cushion allows you to personalize the level of elevation that suits your comfort and recovery needs. Simply inflate to your desired firmness.

  • Enhanced Comfort and Support: The cushion is crafted from high-quality, durable PVC materials that ensure long-lasting comfort and support. The soft flocking cover is resilient and gently cradles your leg, providing a cozy and ergonomic experience while minimizing pressure points.

  • Hassle-free: Deflates down small and compact for convenient storage or transportation when not in use - easy to mail so makes a perfect gift.

  • Durable Handles for Mobility: We understand the importance of easy of mobility during recovery. Our leg cushion is equipped with sturdy, built-in handles that allow you to effortlessly adjust the cushion position of and maximize the comfort and elevation of your leg.

  • Versatile Usage: Beyond post-surgery recovery, our inflatable leg cushion is a versatile companion for various situations. Whether you're seeking relief from leg swelling, muscle fatigue, back pain, or simply looking for a comfortable way to relax and elevate your legs at home or during travel, this cushion is the perfect solution.

  • Note: Inflation Pump is NOT included